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Malpighi Secondary School | School history
Malpighi Secondary School, with a student body of 750 students, was founded in 1883 in the heart of Bologna. The school has a rich history. It is a school with a long tradition located in an ancient city, where the first University in the world was established in 1088. From 1995 to 2011, Mrs Elena Ugolini has run the school as Principal. The present Principal is Mr. Roberto Mastri. In 2001 Liceo Malpighi underwent an extensive renovation and an addition was completed inside our ancient building in the town center. New classrooms, high tech laboratories, library, reception, and two teachers' rooms were added due to the yearly increase in applicants. Nonetheless, we believe that a beautiful surrounding environment helps our students to feel more comfortable for two reasons; improved learning and studying, as well as the pleasure of attending a school with an aesthetically pleasing aspect. Nowadays Malpighi School includes Malpighi Middle and Secondary School, (Linguistic and Scientific courses) in Bologna down town and Malpighi Secondary and Middle School in Castel San Pietro. In a recent Secondary School survey examining education, the Malpighi was ranked as one of the best Italian Secondary School.