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Malpighi Secondary School | School statement
The mission of Malpighi Secondary School is to provide pupils with a wide and deep knowledge of cultural traditions, as well as an understanding of the contemporary world they live in. Pupils are taught to experience learning as a critical tool which they need to handle to face the present and the future. Pupils are guided towards the discovery of the “meaning” lying behind each subject by committed and highly qualified teachers.
Pupils are expected to become critical thinkers and to be able to ask themselves the reason behind anything, such as a poem, a theorem, a chemical formula, a painting, a song, etc. This method will help them to approach any discipline with a desire to discover reality within its various and complex aspects and to understand that studying can be used as a great tool to reach it.
This educational hypothesis has been made tangible through activities and proposals. Here are some examples:


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Fisica in Moto is a Physics interactive laboratory built by Malpighi Secondary School in collaboration with Ducati Motors, a world famous motorbike company located in Bologna. This unique laboratory is a bridge between school and business and can be visited in the Ducati Museum of Science and Technology, in the premises of the Ducati factory.
Within this laboratory, which was created especially for secondary school pupils, it is possible to experience, thanks to its interactive tools Physics principles studied at school put into practice. This laboratory is a great source for pupils who can finally understand how such principles can be applied to design, for example, a Ducati MotoGP motorbike. Every year more than 8000 students come to visit the laboratory.


Our senior students spend the first two weeks of their last high school year working in shops, companies, and/or markets situated in London. This experience has two main aims. First of all, we want to show them that the hard work accomplished during their high school years permits them not only to “survive” in a English-speaking country, but even to work there. On the other hand, by working and speaking English twenty-four hours a day, they realize that they can still improve upon their speaking skills, this can be a boost to increase effort in their last year of high school.


The goal of our Speaking Clubs activity is to improve English-speaking skills. During these lessons students, in small groups, have the opportunity to practice their oral language skills with English native speakers. Speaking Clubs are developed in collaboration with native speaking students selected from some of the most important US Universities: Brown University, Harvard University, Yale University, University of California, Dickinson College, Tuffs University, Columbia University, Barnard College and Bowdoin College. During Speaking Club students can deepen their knowledge of aspects of British and American culture and literature.


This aim of this project is to introduce students to financial and economic aspects of dealing with a company. The teachers are experienced “business managers” who help fifth year Malpighi students in the fulfillment of a business plan and Stock Exchange investments.
Every year 30 students are partake in this experience.
A committee of businessmen awards the best business plan and the best Stock Exchange investment.


The Life Learning Center is the place where our students go to practice molecular biology experiments and techniques. During this useful experience they can see the real applications of their basic scientific studies, for example biology, chemistry and physics, as if they were working in a real research laboratory.